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Comfy-Cozy + Romantic-Chic Valentine’s Day Outfit Inspiration

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner, and we can already smell all the chocolate and roses that are to come! There’s a couple of things we’re obsessed with here at The Brides of Houston – anything and everything pink, love (we love love!) and a good outfit, making Valentine’s Day a holiday that seems like it was just made for us. Whether Valentine’s Day this year is a first date, your first year engaged or your first year married, they’re all extremely special in their own way, so why not have a comfy-cozy or romantic-chic outfit to go with the occasion? We have the perfect outfit inspiration for any plans you may have this Valentine’s Day, from a romantic night out to a cozy night in (or both!), plus all the cute accessories to go with each, all available through our!

valentine's day outfit

1. Leopard Print Gathered Bust Minidress | 2. Charlie Holiday Bradley Dress | 3. Floral Print Ruched Blouson Long Sleeve Dress | 4. Jimena Midi Dress in Sapphire | 5. Ghost Abby Dress in Red | 6. Gala Ready Blush Pink Off-the-Shoulder Ruffle Midi Dress

Feeling fancy for a romantic night out?

After almost a year of being quarantined in the house, you deserve a sweet and romantic night out on the town with your love! Floral, cheetah and velvet have been all the latest trending pieces, and there’s no better time than now to break them all out. Nothing says a romantic dinner date more than a moody, romantic red or maroon maxi dress, paired with chic statement earrings (scroll below to see) to complete the outfit. For drinks out at the bar, cheetah and floral minidresses will make you look extremely festive and definitely the life of the party!


1. Roller Rabbit Hearts Sleep Set | 2. Style Supply Washed Blush Oversized T-Shirt Dress | 3. Honeydew Star Seeker Printed Pajama Set in Star Dust Lips | 4. And Chill Set in Dusty Rose | 5. Contessa Lounge Set  | 6. C.O.M.F.Y. Pullover in Wine

Lounge looks for a cozy night in

Just because you’re not leaving the house doesn’t mean you don’t need a cute outfit to lounge around in, and these outfits bring in all the festive feels to your Valentine’s Day at home! There’s honestly no other outfits we’d want to wear while making a home cooked meal with our love, followed by a night cuddling and watching movies in the comfiest pillow fort. Don’t mind us as we’re casually adding all of these outfits into our online shopping cart, definitely doubling up for Valentine’s Day and comfy work from home attire!


1. You’re A Firework Earrings in Black | 2. Sacred Heart Earrings | 3. Cashmere Cloud Socks in Hot Pink | 4. Heart Loop Earrings | 5. Farylrobin Marty Sherpa Slipper in Pink | 6. Love Drop 2.0 Earrings | 7. Gold Heart Necklace

And… the finishing touch, whether you’re in or out!

You can’t forget about accessories! While diamonds are a girl’s best friend, have you ever had a pair of slippers that you wanted to wear everywhere? Fuzzy blush slippers are of course the perfect accessory for staying at home, but also double as comfy accessories to change into to give your feet a break on your night out. Remember those statement earrings we mentioned? Red heart-drop earrings, minimalist gold hoops, and heart shaped sparkling earrings all add the perfect finishing touch to your Valentine’s Day outfit, whether on the town or for glamming up for a night at home!

Find more shoppable content here, or jump straight to our!

Looking Back at the Best Wedding Trends of 2020

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Through all of the highs and lows of 2020, we can confidently say one thing – this year brought some of the BEST wedding trends we’ve ever seen, and we’re overjoyed to get to share them with you! Each year, we love looking back and remembering the trends that stood out to us, and 2020 is no different. There’s no better way to ring in the new year than looking back through all the remarkable trends we saw this year – from statement florals and decor to minimalist gowns to the prettiest pastel palettes and everything in between. Our expert team of Houston wedding vendors more than delivered on the trends this year, bringing them to life in ways we couldn’t help fall in love with. Take a look back with us as we recap our top 10 weddings trends of 2020, and get all the inspiration you’ll need for 2021. Cheers to the new year!

Baby’s Breath

Dainty and delicate, baby’s breath is the loveliest newest floral trend to set the stage in 2020. As the sweetest addition to any floral installation, baby’s breath is the perfect addition to any floral display – any season, any style and any theme. In bright white or soft pastels, bunches of baby’s breath are a unique trend we know we’ll see in the new year!

Hey Lovely | Bering’s | Mibellarosa | McGovern Centennial Gardens | Josh and Dana Fernandez

Cakes by Gina | The Tallest Tulip | Mustard Seed Photography | The Creative Chateau

LBL Event RentalsCakes by Gina | Whimsical Events | KairaThe Tallest Tulip | BP Artistry | The Meekermark | Catherine Smeader Photography

Cakes by Gina | Flora + Fauna | Adorne Artistry | Sunset Coffee Building | Chancey Charm Weddings | The Brothers Martens


Minimalist Wedding Gowns

Sometimes less is more, and if these minimalist bridal gowns are any evidence, going minimal can really make a huge statement! We can’t get over how simple yet extremely elegant these brides were in 2020 with their minimalist gowns. So simple yet so lovely – and we couldn’t love it more!

Butter Artistry | Etoilly Artistry | Courtney Leigh Photography | Arrowhead Hill

Whittington Bridal | Lavish LinensAdorne Artistry | The Clubs of Kingwood |  Fulleylove Photography

The Woodlands Country Club | Kati Hewitt Photography | Reverent Wedding Films

Mia Bridal | Hey Lovely | Josh and Dana Fernandez


Textured Wedding Cakes

If it’s true that a cake is only as good as it looks, than these textured wedding cakes must taste incredible! From textured fondant to layered buttercream, the stunning features of these unique textured wedding cakes instantly caught our eye. 2021, this trend is coming for you!

Lavish Linens | Magnoila Rose CompanyCakes by Gina | Kaira | BP Artistry | Elm BeautyThe Creative Chateau | Ashlen Sydney Photography

Brickhouse Bridal | Etoilly Artistry | Emily Figurelli Photography

Leslie Margarita Fine Art VideographyBrickhouse Bridal | Cakes by Gina | Jo’s Paper Kitchen

Edges Wild Studio | Adorne Artistry | AMA by Aisha


Pastel Palettes

Pastel palettes are a timeless wedding trend that made big statements in 2020. Light and bright wedding scenes stole the show this last year, as light pinks, blues and purples infuse these palettes to create a pastel dream. We can’t help but absolutely love all of the soft and subtle hues from these 2020 wedding scenes!

Belle Âme Bridal | Oliver and Penelope Vintage Rentals | Kate Elizabeth Photography

The Senterpiece | LBL Event Rentals | Wild Garden Photography | The Creative Chateau

Flower Power Productions | Sara Abdulaziz Photography

Unique Seating Charts

Unique seating charts came to life in 2020, and we adore how bold and fun these ones are! Seating charts are a great way to incorporate a little fun into wedding decor and reflect unique elements about each couple. What an adorable way to bring your guests a little bit of extra joy as they find their seats for the celebration!

Modern AffinityCakes by Gina | Kaira | Tease HTXWhimsical Events | Kristen Giles Photography

A Fare ExtraordinaireCakes by Gina | Hey Lovely | Bering’s | Reverent Wedding Films | Two Be Wed | Nib and Pixel | Josh and Dana Fernandez

Mia BridalHey Lovely | Reverent Wedding Films | Two Be Wed | Anticipate Invitations | Josh and Dana Fernandez

Mia Bridal | Jo’s Paper Kitchen | Mustard Seed Photography


Pampas Grass

Pampas grass is a classic boho wedding element that definitely made its appearance known in 2020! Used in almost every floral installation imaginable, pampas grass is a trend we know we’ll see make even more appearances in the new year. Gorgeous in themselves or paired with complementing dried florals, pampas grass is a trend we’re LIVING for, and these scenes are the epitome of pampas grass in the most stunning ways!

Cakes by Gina | The Senterpiece | RaeTay Photography

Love Birds & Co. | Evoke: The Bridal ExperienceCakes by Gina | Intrigue Designs | Sunkissed and Madeup | The Space HTX | Ink & Willow Photography

Edges Wild Studio | The Silhouette Studio

BP Artistry | Brandy Palacios Photography


Wedding Gown Capes

There’s the wedding veil, but have you ever seen the wedding gown cape? Wedding gown capes are a bridal gown trend that is oh-so chic while elevating any bridal look. Elegant and sophisticated, wedding gown capes made a HUGE statement in 2020 that we are absolutely here for. How absolutely lovely are these brides with their wedding gown capes?

BLVD Photography | The Princess Bridal

Stephania Campos Photography | Venturas Bridal Fashions


Craft Cocktails

Nothing is better than a craft cocktail, and 2020 definitely brought these tasty sips into style! Perfectly customizable, craft cocktails are the ultimate personalized wedding trend of 2020. Cheersing with a drink at the end of the day is the only way we want to be ending all of our celebrations. Cheers!

Jo’s Paper Kitchen | Plan Our Day Events | Tin Cup Flower Co.Brandy Palacios Photography

Brickhouse Bridal | Hey Lovely | Tiny Mum PhotographyChancey Charm Weddings

The Barn at Willowynn | The Bledsoes Photography

The Orchard at Caney CreekTin Cup Flower Co. | Our Little Ranch Photography


Neon Signs

Neon signs are an edgy and moody decor piece that can brighten up any wedding scene – literally! One thing we love about neon signs is their customization and the sweetest personal touch they add to traditional wedding decor, while being perfectly non-traditional in the most stunning way. While being completely versatile, neon signs fit just about any and every wedding theme and style. We can’t wait to see this trend continue into 2021!

Etoilly Artistry | Two Be Wed | Jeff Brummett Visuals

Oliver and Penelope Vintage Rentals | Edges Wild Studio | BP Artistry | AMA by Aisha

Whittington Bridal | Love Birds & Co. | Hey Lovely | BLVD Photography


Balloon Installations

Whimsy at it’s finest, balloon installations popped into our favorite wedding trends of 2020, and it’s easy to see why! Balloons add just the right amount of visual interest to any wedding reception, and we adore how unique and non-traditional they are. These displays took creativity to a whole new level, whether being multi-functional or just being an eye-catching focal point of these wedding scenes. With a balloon display, these celebrations were definitely poppin’!

A Fare ExtraordinaireCakes by Gina | Hey Lovely | Bering’s | Reverent Wedding Films | Two Be Wed | Revelry Goods | Mibellarosa | Josh and Dana Fernandez

Brickhouse Bridal | AH Specialties | Meeker PicturesThe Meekermark | Cinematic Saviors

Looking Back at the Best Wedding Trends of 2020

Modern Affinity | Cakes by Gina | Avalon Event RentalsThe Tallest Tulip | Tiny Mum Photography

While we love these trends from 2020, we’re way too excited to see all that 2021 has in store! Follow our blog to make sure you’re always on top of the latest trends in the new year!

Here’s What Each Enneagram Type Is Like As a Bride

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One of the trends we’ve loved most throughout 2020 – all the hype surrounding the Enneagram! More than a personality test, the Enneagram gives insight into not just who you are, but why you are the way that you are, and how you can improve your relationships with yourself, loved ones and your significant other. Haven’t explored the Enneagram yet? There are tons of free tests and resources available online worth checking out.

As a bride, knowing your Enneagram type can be helpful for you to recognize and anticipate stressors during the planning process and problem-solve in a way that suits you best. We had fun putting together these Enneagram Bride descriptors – enjoy!

3 brides showing off gowns - each enneagram type as a bride

Photo // Stephania Campos Photography

Type 9 as a Bride: The Peacekeeper

May struggle with: Letting others’ opinions carry more weight than your own. Not voicing your preferences or concerns to your vendors.

Try this: Be nice to yourself! It’s your day and you have the right to say no. Be willing to stand up for the aspects that mean the most to you.

Type 8 as a Bride: The Activist

May struggle with: Letting little things become big things. Allowing your passionate spirit to become stressful to yourself and others.

Try this: Simmer down, friend! Give someone close to you permission to keep you in check.

Type 7 as a Bride: The Life of the Party

May struggle with: Wanting to focus on the fun aspects of planning while avoiding making tough decisions. Expecting everyone to share your same level of excitement.

Try this: Meditate. Take some time to relish in the solitude. There will be plenty of time to enjoy the party later on!

Type 6 as a Bride: The Realist

May struggle with: Being confident in your own decisions. Devoting too much time thinking about other options after a choice has already been made.

Try this: Be confident in your choices and try to take compliments at face value! Once a decision has been made, move along and don’t dwell on the what-ifs.

Type 5 as a Bride: The Analyst

May struggle with: Feeling anxious during the inevitable periods of waiting. Holding unrealistic communication expectations with vendors. Stressing about the budget.

Try this: Be okay with uncertainty. ‘I don’t know’ is an acceptable answer. Don’t fret about not having everything nailed down.

Type 4 as a Bride: The Daydreamer

May struggle with: Imagining and wishing for elements beyond your budget. Fretting over aspects of the day not coming together exactly as you envisioned.

Try this: Be realistic. Don’t fantasize about your wedding day. It likely won’t be perfect, and that’s okay!

Type 3 as a Bride: The Multitasker

May struggle with: Taking on too many tasks at once. Dealing with subsequent planning burnout and apathy. Wanting to get it all done yourself, and quickly.

Try this: Take a timeout. Take time to breathe, be quiet and restore balance. Ask for help and delegate.

Type 2 as a Bride: The Helper

May struggle with: Not holding friends and vendors accountable. Dismissing mistakes that need to be addressed.

Try this: Prioritize self care. Ask for help and don’t put your own needs in last place.

Type 1 as a Bride: The Inner Critic

May struggle with: Putting pressure on yourself and your wedding day to look a certain way. Critiquing and stressing over things that are small in the scheme of things.

Try this: Be nice to yourself. Ignore your inner critic and try not to fixate too much on the little things.

No matter your type, remember to take advantages of the resources Brides of Houston has to help you! From local wedding vendors in every category a bride could need to inspiration and advice galore on our blog, we’ve got you covered!

Get Out of Your Head and Make a Change of Scenery

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While the majority of your wedding planning duties during your engagement should be enjoyable, there are certainly times where the deadlines, budgeting and lists can become overwhelming. Life is a balancing act, and the weeks, months and/or years during your engagement season should also be treated as such. Don’t let wedding planning stress – or ANY kind of stress – rule your life. Take a BREAK! You need a vacation from wedding planning just as you do from work, school or any other stressor. Whether your stress-free vacation be a staycation, a weekend getaway or just a simple night on the town, nothing can rejuvenate your mental health quite like a change of scenery. Thanks to some of our amazing Houston vendors, getting away is easier than ever!


Plan a Getaway With a Travel Agent

stress free

If you’re already stressed about planning your wedding, you definitely don’t want to stress about planning your vacation – book a travel agent! These professionals take all the stress out of planning a vacation and, oftentimes, their services are free!

Globaluxe Travel – This team of travel agents specializes in honeymoons and romantic getaways. Creating personalized agendas based on each couple’s unique interests, desired travel style and budget, these professionals will not only book your trip, but also act as your personal concierge throughout your vacation!


Have a Date Night


Get cleaned up, dressed up and, most importantly, put that wedding agenda away! Getting out of the house is a no-fail way to get rid of your wedding stress. Whether it be a nice dinner, a walk downtown or drinks at your favorite bar, taking an evening to relax is a great remedy for stress. 

Brasserie 19 – If you’re looking for a hot date night spot – this is it. Brasserie 19 offers fresh flavors on every plate. From their amazing appetizer selection to their fun list of cocktails, you and your spouse-to-be won’t be disappointed!

The Dunlavy – Looking for a more casual dining experience to help you de-stress? The Dunlavy’s cafeteria-style set-up is full of flavor and quality dining selections. The Dunlavy is a unique dining experience overlooking the banks of Buffalo Bayou and Lost Lake in Houston – perfect for a relaxing walk after dinner!


Stress Less With Some Fresh Air

the woodlands country club

Photo // Josh & Dana Fernandez

It’s time to take a breather outside, move your body and get some fresh air! Being outdoors is proven to relieve stress, so this one should be at the top of your list when it comes to healing your mind and de-stressing.

The Clubs of Kingwood – Lounge at the pool with a cocktail in hand, hit some balls on the golf course, play a little tennis, but whatever you do, just spend some time outside! Explore The Clubs of Kingwood’s pristinely manicured grounds and enjoy all the amenities they have to offer!

The Woodlands Country Club – This beautiful Houston country club is the ideal destination to relax, unwind and forget about your wedding planning stress. With rolling green golf greens, tennis courts, and an entire calendar of activities, a membership here (and a weekly visit) would do your mind some good!

We hope our recommendations help you manage your wedding planning stress and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the big day! Need more ideas on how to keep your mental health in check while planning the wedding? See our full guide here!

A Moody, Fairytale Wedding Captured by AMA by Aisha

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There is so much moody ambiance in this fairytale wedding captured by AMA by Aisha! Carisa and James tied the knot in the most romantic way possible – with an abundance of blooms from Edges Wild Studio to make every wedding scene feel lively and romantic. With mod art deco elements embellishing tablescapes and inspiring centerpieces, it’s no wonder how elegance is communicated everywhere you look. In a blending of cultures, Carisa and James had a traditional tea ceremony where family elders blessed them with gifts. The ceremony was also in honor of Carisa’s grandmother whose health kept her from traveling to the wedding from Malaysia. Carisa is the most stunning bride with a warm-toned bridal makeup look as well as a carefully styled updo by Adorne Artistry, embellished with the most darling, eclectic floral and feather hairpiece in shades of lavender and blush. We are obsessed with all the moody ambiance almost as much as we are with the adorable, furry friends featured in this fairytale wedding captured by AMA by Aisha! Read on to hear from the bride about her favorite wedding vendors. Cheers to Carisa and James!

Photos // AMA by Aisha

From the bride: “Hannah Lowery of Edges Wild Studio made my wedding look like a fairytale. She listened to us and helped shape our vision. We could tell that she really prided herself on getting the flowers and ambiance right. I love that Aisha, from AMA by Aisha, captures moments rather than just portraits. The moments are what I want to remember, and she captured some breathtaking moments of our families. We are indebted to Aisha and her crew for capturing it all so perfectly.”

Planning a wedding of your own? Explore some of our favorite Houston wedding vendors here, or check out real, local wedding inspiration here. Cheers!