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photo | Caroline Fontenot


Proposed while rollerblading

It is only fitting that our engagement photos were taken on rollerblades, because Matthew proposed to me on rollerblades. When we lived in New York, we had gone rollerblading in Central Park because he knows it’s one of my silliest hobbies that I love. When we went, Matthew wiped out… twice. Nonetheless, it was one of our favorite dates. Flash forward a few years, and we had moved to Houston! I was in Memphis visiting my family for Thanksgiving, and decided to go rollerblading with two of my closest friends. While we were in the park, we see a man in an 80’s bright blue jumpsuit coming towards us, and it was Matthew! He got down on one knee (after taking the blades off) and proposed! I was completely surprised as he was supposed to be in Houston still. His family had come to Memphis though too, so that night we went to dinner with our families, and then he surprised me again by heading to a bar where a bunch of our friends (even friends from NYC and Houston) were waiting for us. It was such a fun engagement, so Caroline Fontenot helped us capture that same spirit in our engagement pics. She also shot our wedding, and all of these pictures now fill our home, and the rollerblading pics in particular remind us to never take ourselves too seriously!

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