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photo | Weddings by Westy


Proposed at Disney World

So the story of our proposal actually began months before it happened. My family was planning a trip to Disney World, which has always been my dream proposal spot. Disney has always been a special place to me because that’s basically the only place my family has ever taken a vacation! Months prior, Eric made it a point to tell me how dumb it would be to propose at Disney. He basically crushed all my hopes. We were on day five of our six day trip, and I had lost all hope in there actually being a proposal. We were visiting the Magic Kingdom for the second time. The day started out normal but right before lunch Eric asked if we could stop by the castle to recreate a picture we had taken on a prior trip (also our first trip together). We snapped a few pictures, but instead of walking back towards my parents, Eric pulled me close to him. He started to talk, it honestly felt like a blur, he recited the lyrics to our song. Before I could even process what was going on, he was down on one knee. It was a total surprise and such a special moment we got to share with my family. Disney World will never be the same to me!

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