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Photos// Myas Moments, Annie Lui Photography

Kimberly + Jeffrey

In Sickness and in Health

I had a traumatic brain injury on July 25, 2019. I didn’t get any medical attention for three months due to insurance. By the third month, a concussion my boyfriend paid $450 once a month for, told me I would have permanent damage if I didn’t see the right doctors. I could hardly talk, hear, see or move my head. That same day my boyfriend told me “let’s secretly get married” – we were together for five years already. He told me his job had coverage. Within five days I got all my doctors and married the man of my dreams off a lake in a gazebo.

Even though we are married, he still wanted to do a surprise engagement and a big wedding so I wouldn’t get to lose the experience. We finally announced it publicly on top of Angels Landing and are planning to have our wedding at Sans Souci in Tomball! I truly don’t know where I would be today if he never married me! I’m still recovering more than a year later, but with Jeff by my side, I know I’m going to be okay.


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