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Personal details are essential to creating a memorable, unique wedding experience – without you and your partner, your wedding would be exactly like everyone else’s! Inspiration for unique, personal details can be found everywhere – from food to fashion to nature – essentially making the possibilities endless when it comes to adding that unique element to your big day. Whether it’s a special aspect of you individually or you and your spouse as a couple, most of the decisions you make will naturally add personality and uniqueness to your day, just from you being you! Needing a little help on just what unique aspects to incorporate into your big day? For this lesson of style school, we’ve got all the deets when it comes to adding personal details to your wedding day, all with the help from the experts at Two be Wed! Scroll to learn how the planners at Two Be Wed incorporate personal aspects into weddings they plan, as well as where you can pull inspiration from. Cheers!

Photos // Adam Nyholt

Adding Personal Details to Your Wedding with Two be Wed

Where can couples pull inspiration from to create customized and personal details?

Inspiration is everywhere – from nature, home interiors, fashion, art, travel and even food!

What tips do you have for couples who are not sure what personal touches to incorporate?

  1. Hire a wedding planner who is also a designer! 
  2. Consider the 3 E’s: Emotion, Environment, Experience
  3. Collect images that tell a story
  4. Choose a color palette

What are some favorite personal touches that you’ve incorporated into weddings in the past?

  1. Custom monograms and stationery 
  2. Storytelling stamps on envelopes
  3. Curated welcome bags
  4. Unique and clever wording for programs and menu cards
  5. Personalized drink menus and favors
  6. Signature drinks
  7. Custom pillows using fabric from stationery design

What are your tips on creating a one-of-a-kind monogram?

  1. Define your style: whether it’s modern, classic, neo-traditional, edgy, clean or simple!
  2. Create a repeating pattern of just letters or a monogram in a shape
  3. Use your initials for a traditional monogram look (last name initial in the center with first name initials on either side)
  4. Scale the size of your initials for added visual interest
  5. Choose a unique, legible font

A special thank you to Natalie Dawley from Two Be Wed for sharing her insight on adding personal details to your wedding day! Visit Two Be Wed’s Brides of Houston vendor profile to see all the incredible services they offer for your celebration. Cheers!

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