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We all know the pressure of wanting to look and feel our best on the wedding day. With what seems to be infinite diets and workouts out there, it’s hard to know where to start. That’s where Dallas native Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness comes in! Kat and Kayley take the stress out of exercise and nutrition plans and develop a regimen that is 100% for you! Houston brides and grooms are now in luck because Bells and Barbells is opening up shop locally. Read on to see what Bells and Barbells has to offer and see if this wedding fitness studio is right for you AND sign up for their #BBBride2020 Challenge (deets below)!

bells and barbells wedding fitness studio

What is Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness and what makes it so unique?

I love the question! Hey Houston brides-to-be! My name is Katherine Bahlburg, and I am the creator and owner of Bells and Barbells Wedding Fitness. We are the world’s first and only wedding fitness studio and absolutely LOVE to help motivate brides and grooms get into amazing shape for their big day!

Our studio is unique in that we specialize in wedding fitness and cater to the bride, groom and other members of the wedding party. Since so many of our clients continue to train with us after the wedding, we also have a #fitwives club too!

Our studio offers a Texas-wide remote training program, an extensive nutrition department as well as in-studio one-on-one personal training services exclusively at our Dallas location! So if you’re ready to make a commitment to your health and fitness and are over the gimmicks and fad diets, then we are the perfect fit for you! #teamfitbride

Tell us more about you!

I would love too! I have been involved in the world of fitness for most of my life, I started swimming competitively in the second grade and swam through college at the University of Miami. I have always enjoyed living an active lifestyle and consider myself an avid learner when it comes to mastering the world of fitness! I created Bells and Barbells because it allowed me to provide top-notch training services to a specific group of motivated men and women. With this studio, I have the unique ability to change lives in the most amazing way by offering a variety of detailed and customized services tailored to meet each of our clients’ needs. What could be better than walking into marriage feeling fit and fabulous? At B&B we make it happen. #joblove

What services will B&B be offering to the Houston market?

We will be offering 6 and 8 week remote fitness and nutrition programs that will include weekly result-driven workouts, access to our invitation-only Instagram workout video page, direct communication with me, the owner and head trainer of B&B, tailor-made meal plans and nutrition guidance from our in-house registered dietitian, Kayley George. We will also be offering nutrition only options as well, please see more details in the questions to follow. Our first 6-week challenge available to all you bridal beauties starts on January 12, registration now open HERE!

Tell us more about your nutrition department!

Our philosophy with nutrition is to build sustainable habits, not follow a temporary diet. In your initial consultation and coaching session, we will look at your goals, your typical dietary intake and current habits, and work together to find areas to make changes. For example, if you’re drinking three sodas a day, let’s try to drop that down to one, then let’s switch to water, and then let’s drink double that amount of water. It’s all about baby steps! Our goal is to come up with practical strategies to make living realistic for you as a busy bride or groom. Once you’ve mastered the foundational habits, then we get to experiment with higher-level nutrition strategies manipulating macronutrients, intermittent fasting, carb cycling and so on!

What can a Houston bride expect as a nutrition only client of Bells and Barbells?

Our customized nutrition packages come with everything you need to be successful in your #weddingdiet! Bundled in 12-week packages, you’ll receive 1:1 weekly coaching calls, texting accountability, customized meal plans, an educational nutrition platform and unlimited access to Kayley George, as your B&B dietitian. Whether you’re a local or remote bride, we will always coordinate with your wedding fitness pro at B&B to make sure you receive a collaborative nutrition and fitness plan. This is one of the MAJOR perks of having a registered dietitian in house!

Tell us about your remote training program & what a Houston bride can expect as a remote B&B Bride?

Starting January 12th, we will be offering 6 to 8-week fitness and nutrition challenges designed with the busy bride in mind. We will work with each bride to make healthy lifestyle changes by providing them with top-notch coaching and guidance via detailed weekly workouts, access to our invitation based Instagram page @bellsandbarbellsworkouts, access to our accountability Facebook page along with weekly check-ins from me personally as well as with Kayley. The results we have seen so far in our most recent challenge are so amazing! Our remote brides are learning how to navigate around busy work schedules and lives and find structure with diet and exercise all while we surrounded and supported by women going through the same thing!

Favorite wedding prep recipes

We are a big fan of 3-ingredient meals. With how busy our brides and grooms are, this simple strategy can make meal prepping mindless. A 3-ingredient meal needs three components: protein, carb and veggie. To portion out, each ingredient should fill 1/3 of your meal prep container or plate. Some easy combinations are chicken/sweet potato/spinach, salmon/sprouts/chickpeas, and shrimp/tomato/brown rice.

Our mission is to help our clients develop a healthier way of life both in the gym and in the kitchen. We will help you reduce stress, find time for yourself while increasing energy and feeling like your most amazing for your big day and everything leading up to it! Avoid the fad diets and workouts this holiday season and join our growing #fitbridetribe of strong and confident woman ready to say yes to their healthiest self as they get closer to saying yes to the man or women of their dream! It’s your moment and you deserve the best! Registration for our next 6-week challenge is now open! *space is limited

For the motivated bride looking to crush it with a remote fitness and nutrition program packed with accountability and result driven workouts and tailor-made meal plans, get started with the #BBBride2020 Challenge here!

For the motivated bride looking to just start with nutrition and slay it in the kitchen, visit!
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